About Us

Designed for Life

Irwin Homes is a family owned company proudly building custom homes and condominiums in and around Winnipeg for over 50 years.

Designed for your lifestyle, Irwin Homes works with you to build your dream home – whatever the design. From classic to contemporary creations, our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way.

Each of our multi-family developments is carefully constructed to merge impressive design with functionality.

The Irwin Philosophy

We’ve built our reputation as one of the most well-respected custom home builders in Manitoba upon a foundation of honest and genuine service. There is no magic in it – we simply provide exceptional personal attention throughout every step of every project.

We believe in delivering on our promises no matter how difficult the challenge, and our track record has proven this a successful strategy. Combining that commitment with dedication to every detail, from layout to materials to craftsmanship, ensures that we will be every bit as proud to have built your home as you will be to move into it.

“Being a custom builder means that we not only get to build the places our customers will call home, but that we get to play a key role in their dream of creating something unique, beautiful and often challenging. Solving those challenges for our customers is a passion that keeps us excited about every single home we build.”Andrew Koop, President, Irwin

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Our Trades

Irwin Homes is proud to work with only top quality local suppliers and craftsman. None of our designs would be complete without the luxurious finishes and exceptional fixtures that are carefully chosen for each custom build. From multi-family dwellings to custom home projects, you can always expect the same level of excellence in each of our projects.

Each of our suppliers reflects our values in both their craftsmanship and product. From careful attention to detail to consistent installation timelines, our supplier partnerships deliver every step of the way no matter the size of the project.